Please find details of our services and related prices on this page.
These prices are valid for 2018 and do not include sales tax.


Type of work Hourly rate
(On-site) Specialist engagement (consultancy work, speaking arrangements, etc.) * € 150
Systems analysis and architecture € 130
Server setup and maintenance € 120
Web development (PHP, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Javascript, etc.) € 105
Mobile development € 90
Design / UX work € 80
Basic web coding (HTML, CSS, Javascript etc.) € 60
Testing € 50
Content implementation € 50

* On-site engagements may incur travel expenses (not included) if they take place outside the home city of the engaged specialist.


Maintenance Packages

Maintenance packages are pre-defined packages that include a certain number of hours of maintenance, and are useful for projects that are subject to frequent changes. Several options are offered.

Basic Package Plus Package Quarterly Package
Response time * 3 working days 2 working days 3 working days
Maximum hours of coding included 3 hours per month 6 hours per month 8 hours per quarter
Procedure Maintenance requests can be sent in at any time Maintenance requests can be sent in at any time Maintenance is scheduled on a quarterly basis
Price € 220 / month € 400 / month € 500 / quarter

* Response time is generally within (and in fact often less than) the stated response time. However, due to varying work loads and other commitments we do not guarantee this response time. We do guarantee that we will provide clear communication and promptly inform you of expected response time.

The following terms apply:

  • Switching between packages is possible at any time; effective at the beginning of the next month
  • Billing is in advance, per three-month period
  • Time can not be transferred between months

Other Maintenance Solutions

Not all clients require constant maintenance to their system. We therefore also offer various other solutions. Penguin Protocols is also available to discuss your custom needs and to tailor a package to your specific situation.

Retainer Per-event Maintenance Technical Assistance Contract
Description A retainer is a once-off sum paid to be used for future work. Work will be performed upon request and discounted from the retainer as we go along. Each maintenance task or project will be coordinated and billed as an individual project. This covers for occasional minor technical changes, without being billed for them separately. Only includes changing to the existing functionality (does not include the creation of new functions/tools)
Financial commitment Once-off; any amount from € 1,000 upwards No commitment € 150 / year
Billing of hours Work is billed at a discounted standard rates (regular rates minus 10%) Work is billed at standard rates (see above) Work includes any type of change that requires less than 15 minutes of coding, up to 12 requests per year.

Other Services

Penguin Protocols provides its clients with a complete set of services. Our services revolve around system development and are offered as a complement to this primary service. Most of these additional services are not available as stand-alone options, in order for us to remain focused on our core competencies.

  • Drafting of functional specification
    We believe that a well-written functional specification is a great tool for both developers and for clients. It explains how the software that is to be built will function, what it will and what it will not do, and what the technical details are of the software that is to be built. Before we start development of any system, we require that a functional specification either be provided or be written. We provide this service as an initial step in the development of a system. Pricing depends on the system size and starts at € 220 per project.
  • Hosting and domain registration
    Penguin Protocols provides multiple servers and has many years of experience working with several large and reliable hosting providers. We only provide direct hosting services to our own clients for projects that we maintain. Hosting starts at € 9 per month for our base package.
  • Server setup and maintenance
    For larger projects that require an individual server to be set up, we will consider the requirements and provide recommendations as to the best hosting provider options. We offer server installation as well as maintenance of the server. Hourly rates can be found in our pricing table.
  • Web development training and education
    We have several specialists available that can train groups of employees how to develop websites and systems. Training can be provided for people with no web development experience, but it can also be offered to strengthen existing web development skills. This training is generally provided to internal IT divisions at companies. Group size should not exceed 8 people per instructor. Pricing ranges from € 120-150 per hour taught, depending on group size.